27/1 Parent notice during epidemic prevention

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Important Note Concerning Wu Han Pneumonia

There are several points that parents / guardians must pay attention to:

All outbound travels should end before 3rd February
In view of the continuous increase of the confirmed or suspected diagnosis of Severe Respiratory Disease associated with a Novel Infectious Agent, and the peak period of outbound travel and visiting relatives, there is a high risk of sustained transmission in the territories. To protect the health of the schoolmates, Education Bureau of the HKSAR announced that all schools (including kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, and special schools) postpone the Chinese New Year Holiday to the 16th February (Resume class on 17th February). The decision of the postponement is founded on the suggestion of infectious disease specialist that the incubation period of novel coronavirus infection is 14 days. In consideration of this, Education Bureau expects the postponement can allow self-isolation so that the chance of transmission among student in school reduces efficiently. Therefore, it is highly recommended that all outbound travels should end and parents / Guardians should take their children back to Hong Kong before 3rd February so as not to increase the risk of transmission of novel coronavirus infection.

All tutorial classes and activities are cancelled before the 17th February
All tutorial classes, activities, and extra-curricular activities will be cancelled before 17th February.

All students should study using online study tools
All students should study at home. The school will prepare online materials for self-study before 2nd February. In this case, students can make good use of their time.

Students who got a temperature should stay at home until two days after fever reduction
In accordance with the guidance of the Department of Health of the HKSAR, if children have the symptoms of influenza or pneumonia, parents / guardians should take them to receive treatment of Registered Medical Practitioners. They should stay at home until two days after fever reduction.
Best wishes and God Bless!

Mr. Kwok Fu-Wah

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